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Health & Safety Protocols

This is a living document and will be updated as necessary to comply with PA Dept of Heath & Education guidelines.

1. There will be a smaller maximum number of students in each classroom.  This number will be based on the physical size of the classroom and allow for social distancing between each student as well as the teacher.  

2. Students must be dropped off and picked up from the glass doors.  Families will not be permitted inside the school building. 

3. Families must practice social distancing at pick up and drop off times.

4. Students will have their temperature checked prior to entering the building by Ms. Casey every morning.  A normal/ baseline temperature will be recorded for each student.  Students with a temperature higher than 2 degrees above ‘normal’ will not be permitted to attend school that day.  The maximum temperature must not be above 100.4 degrees. PA Dept of Health & Education’s Symptom Screening Tools will also be administered.

5. Students must utilize the hand sanitizing station at the entrance (or provide their own for personal use) prior to entering the building.  Hand sanitizing stations will also be used in every classroom.

6. Students must wear masks in common areas, such as hallways, bathrooms, during drop off and pick up times. 

7. Students will be required to wear a mask during school hours within the classroom.   An extra mask must be  provided by the family and kept at the school in the event that a mask breaks or is unable to be used.  Additional masks will be available in case of emergency need.

8. “Mask breaks” will occur as needed at student and teacher discretion.  Students will be able to space 6+ feet apart and remove masks for a 5-minute break inside the classroom.  During mask breaks, windows will be opened or students will be outside if weather permits.

9. Face shields may be worn in place of a mask.  The face shield must be approved by the director and demonstrate safe and effective coverage for students and/or teachers.

10. All surfaces and materials will be disinfected after class every day and as needed throughout the class time.

11. A HEPA Air filtration system will be utilized in every classroom during school hours.

12. A UV Light Sanitizer will be turned on during out of school hours in every classroom.

13. Proper hand washing and healthy practices will be taught and enforced daily.

14. Lunch and snacks must be packed from home in sealed containers (ie: lunch boxes or sealed ziplock bags) and labeled.  Microwave use will still be possible, but please try to limit items.

15. Students will need to be able to open any lunch containers and be predominantly self-sufficient during meal time in order to minimize touching surfaces by staff.

16. During out of school hours, families should practice safe and responsible social behaviors as dictated by CDC guidelines and PA Dept. of Health.

17. All students and families will be notified if there is a reported case of COVID-19 exposure. 

18. If a student, immediate (live-in) family member, or teacher tests positive for COVID-19 that class group will immediately move to a virtual learning platform for 14 days.

19. Elementary students will have access to personal Chromebooks on the first day of school.  In the event that virtual learning is necessary,  elementary teachers and students will be present online at least 3 full hours (9-12) with synchronous instruction and have additional course work – online, workbook, learning center or project based – for an estimated 1.5 / 2 hours per day.

20. Preschool students will be offered 30 minute daily Zoom classes as an option to continue modified enrollment in the event of a required closure, at a reduced cost to the family, in addition to weekly home learning materials and activities.

21. Weekly pick up and drop off of materials will be in place for the duration of distance learning.  Families will use Sign Up Genius to secure an allotted time to pick up materials.

22. If a teacher gets sick, non-COVID related, the director and an additional substitute are available to cover the classes as needed.  We will make every effort to avoid combining classes.  If combining classes is unavoidable, Smith Hall will be utilized to ensure appropriate 6+ feet between students.

23. Lunches will be separated this year. Kindergarten and first grade will be eating together – exceptionally distanced, not as one large group – downstairs in Smith Hall at 11:30.  2nd & 3rd will be downstairs for lunch beginning at 12:15.  If this is not feasible or creates any issue for distance or grouping, this may change to in room only eating.