Bright Beginnings Early Learning Academy aligns all preschool and elementary curriculum with PA state standards. We recognize and implement current best practices in education and developmentally appropriate differentiated instruction based on readiness, learning style, and individual interest. The use of small group learning centers and the incorporation of gross and fine motor learning experiences gives Bright Beginnings' students a unique advantage.

Elementary School Tuition:

Monday - Friday        9am -3pm    

Yearly Tuition - $5,300.00

$530.00 monthly (August 15th - May 15th)


$265.00 bimonthly (Due on the 1st & 15th)

*A deposit of $200.00 is due at time of registration.

**Kindergarten students must turn 5 by December 5th and have complete Readiness Evaluation (Provided by Bright Beginnings) and conference prior to enrollment**

Preschool Tuition:
Must be potty trained and at least 2 years 8 months old

Full Day (9am-3pm) - 5 Days per week - $35.00 per day
Full Day (9am-3pm) - 3 or 4 Days per week - $40.00 per day
Half Day (9am-12pm)- 5 Days per week - $30.00 per day
Half Day (9am-12pm)- 3 or 4 Days per week - $35.00 per day

Bright Beginnings is founded on the belief that educators must nourish the development of the whole child.  The program emphasizes the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of the individual learner and strives to build positive relationships with families and the community. 

We will provide a safe, caring environment for all children to learn and explore.  We will facilitate the pursuit of knowledge, allowing children to learn and grow at their own pace, and providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to participate in a hands-on, standards-based curriculum.



Bright Beginnings

Early Learning Academy

Private Independent School 

Call us today at 570-436-8748. Located at 460 Main St Conyngham, PA .

Congratulations Sienna!

Bright Beginnings asked for the help of our students to submit mascot ideas for our school.  The winning entry- voted on by kids and staff -was Sienna's entry, a smiley sunshine.  Thanks Sienna, we think this is a perfect mascot for our little school as we always try to shine bright!  Look for our sunshine in the months to come!  

At Bright Beginnings, we believe that every child reaches their highest potential when given the best opportunity.  We believe in caring for the education of the whole child; the reader, the engineer, the artist, the athlete, the friend and the leader in each student is precious.  We believe that student achievement can be measured in multiple ways, and good practice is driven by good data.  We believe that caring, skilled teachers can make a difference in a students world and help foster a deep love of learning. We believe in a model of education that bridges home, school, and the community and build on the relationships between them fostering safe spaces to learn and grow.  We believe in each child.

Our small class sizes and hands-on learning centers allow students the opportunity to engage with curriculum.  Students are able to be participants in the learning and act as agents in education.  We present learning standards and objectives that encompass the entire spectrum of PA Core standards beginning at the preschool level and following students as they grow. Our teachers use daily check-ins, weekly assessments, comprehensive progress reports and portfolios, and nationally standardized tests to monitor student growth. Our family involvement, PTA, and community involvement are keys to student pride and ownership.

We love our BBELA family!